So who is Mister Flip?

The inspiration for the Fairhaven Steampunk Festival "Mr Flip's Carnival of Wonders and Curiosities" began with a little boy of 9 years who came to our first Major Steampunk event, held at Village Books in Fairhaven in Bellingham, Wa.

This event, planned by the bookstore and invaded by the Bellingham Steampunk Society, was on the smallish side. Yet folks turned out dressed in Victoriana and Steampunk garb most suitable to the occasion. Village Books had appropriate authors and readings.

The young boy of 9, Caleb, accompanied by his father, enthralled and fascinated by the Steampunk fashions and artifacts, appeared for the event most splendidly attired.

The Steampunk Society was quite impressed with this youth, his effort, charisma and presentation. So they made him an honorary member, the youngest of the group.

Caleb became known as Mr Flip because, in his time with the Bellingham Circus Guild, his favorite activity was - to Flip! He was the youngest member of the Circus Guild, too!

Caleb often performed at local venues back then. It was his passion to give, to share of himself, to WOW the audience -- presenting them with Wonders & Curiosities!

Caleb asked the president of the Steampunk Society if they would be doing this event again next year, because if so he would certainly attend.

It pains our hearts to remember, but Caleb had a fatal accident on January 9, 2012. Nonetheless, the BSPS (with Village Books) has kept their promise to that young boy. Even going so far as to name the event after him, knowing he will be there in spirit, each and every year.